Die to Swag and Live for Suffering

The Asian Rough Rider

We want it all and we want it now. As a culture, we in the West are enslaved by a near-worship of comfort and convenience.

I seriously just saw this app that digitally enhances your photos to make your face and body look slimmer. You can post your weight loss photos on Facebook and get comments on your swagger without ever hitting the gym or breaking a sweat! Instant results.

Sadly enough, this is how we live out our faith and operate our churches. We put much of our time, money and resources into the cosmetics of our faith (Big-shots, Budgets & Buildings) so we’ll have to do as little work as possible for the Kingdom of God. As a result, we’ve become a stumbling block to the Gospel when we should be a powerhouse of mission and change in our world today.

The world around us reinforces this idea…

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