AIMEE MANN Live at Wilshire Ebell Theatre

I was very ambitious yesterday and decided to head to LA (on my own, a scary decision indeed) to see Aimee Mann live at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. I found out last minute about her concert, and realized that even if I announced it, no one would be willing to pay $40 to see an artist they probably have never heard of; thus, my decision to go alone. I say it wasn’t the smartest decision only because I’m new to driving in southern California. It sure is different compared to the rest of California; so much more traffic, smaller roads, crazy fast drivers, you name it (ok, maybe I’m being a bit stereotypical, but definitely a lot more traffic). I was extremely nervous driving there, but thank the Lord for delivering me there and safely back home in one piece without getting into any accidents (and thank God it was a Saturday).

Wilshire Ebell Theatre is a very nice venue. Established in the 1920s, it is nicely preserved and maintained. I ended up buying the 2nd best level of seating ($10 more). However, when I got there, the theatre was not that big. Even if I had gotten the cheapest tickets, I would only be about 5 rows behind where I sat. Not a wise decision, but hey, I’m supporting Aimee Mann.

Majority of the attendees/fans that came to support Aimee were a lot older than me, in their 40’s and 50’s. There was definitely a younger crowd present also. Field Report (from Wisconsin) opened for Aimee Mann. They first sang “Route 18” from their debut album, and went on to sing for 30 minutes. I was able to buy their album and received an autograph from the lead singer/acoustic guitar player. Aimee Mann came on 30 minutes later, and began the set with a few songs off her new album Charmer. She was beyond AMAZING live. A great live musician indeed, and also very humorous. She was great interacting with the crowd and making everyone laugh. After her hour-long set, she came back and did an encore (after 30 seconds off state lol) for everyone, playing a few of her older songs: One, It’s Not, and Deathly. I, along with many others, wanted to meet Aimee and get her autograph, but unfortunately, she disappeared after her show (somewhere in the building, but no where near the front nor her tour bus). I really wanted to stay, but figure it wasn’t plausible since I still had to drive a long way to get home. Nonetheless, I do not regret taking the trip there to see her. Her music, lyrics, sound, and presence were fantastic. I did manage to get her official poster before it was long gone! During my drive, I pretty much just listened to her new album the whole way. It’s a great album, with different tempos in each track. I’m sure many people will enjoy it, especially with Aimee Mann’s lyrics!

Field Report opening act for Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann!

Aimee Mann’s Charmer and Field Report’s debut album

Aimee Mann’s encore performance of “It’s Not” (my recording, got the best view I could)

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