Music of May

Dealbreaker by Rachael Yamagata, from her new album Chesapeake. This is probably my favorite live performance from her and the band, most notably because of the harmonizing. Simply lovely.

Palmy’s new music video for Crush featuring Erlend Øye (a Norwegian artist). Palmy’s music and voice is so pure and soothing.

Hugo’s Wake Alone performance early last year. He just finished his special concert in Bangkok, Thailand last month (if only I could’ve been present). Glad to know many of his Thai fans are supporting his crossover in the states.

Love You Now by Madi Diaz. My favorite arrangement of this song since it includes a whole band and killer vocals.

Gemma Hayes! Gemma Hayes! Gemma Hayes! She’s my favorite female singer/songwriter. A simple composition combined with her voice makes all her songs so magical. I found this mini concert she played on a television broadcast (unsure where). Here’s the setlist: Ae Fond Kiss, Back Of My Hand, Ran For Miles, Walk Away, Evening Sun, November. Ran for Miles starts around 7:30 time-frame. Listen, listen! You won’t be disappointed. She’s truly a GEM, thus her name.

Nothing but the Blood Cover by talented individuals from the WorshipMob collaborations. Was introduced to them from a friend, and am definitely loving their complete rearrangements of the originals. There is nothing but the blood of Jesus Himself.

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