Recent Happenings/Thoughts + Insights into a New Year

Fresno Hmong New Year 2011-2012

My only day at Hmong International New Year was a great day spent with friends, with the pleasure of meeting Thai N’ek actress Mam Jintara and spotting Pra’ek Por. Jintara is utterly gorgeous for someone in her 40’s! This photo did not come free; I took this photo after buying two boxes of her Jintara Shape Coffee she was promoting, which came with an autographed Ch. 3 Thai Calendar. She was extremely sweet and soft-spoken. Unfortunately, I made a complete fool of myself while talking to her. I asked for a translator (when she OBVIOUSLY was in the American film Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams) when I was speaking to her in English! What a fool I am! I was told she knew English in return. Anyways, I simply told her my younger sister was a huge fan of hers and how I was taking the photo on her behalf. She was full of smiles while replying Thank You continuously. I even got a hug from her (and swore to never wash my sweater j/k). Funny how most of my family members only recall her from the Thai movie Koogum (highly recommended) as Angsumali/Hideko alongside the formerly handsome Kobori (Oh Warut Warutum???).

Interesting read about the biotech field: NPR: Biotech Firms Caught In Regulatory No Man’s Land

Hmong phrases I just don’t comprehend and am trying to learn:

From my cousin Tao Lee (Nyiaj Nkaub Lis)’s song Sij Hawm:

Nws ntog lug lam – something along the lines of “rolling down”
Yam li lub lwg – “water/dew drop” as on a leaf
Rooj ntug qhib – something about a door opening

I’ve been speaking Hmong more regularly, hoping that will help me progress in learning how to speak Hmong fluently and properly.

I somehow stumbled upon a documentary+Oprah interview+commencement speech of J.K. Rowling; one thing that sure stands out is that she is filled with endless imagination, manifested in her writings. Characteristic of a genius. She possesses so much passion for writing; I pray that in my own way, I will be more passionate towards everything I do, especially my major.

2012 Goals

  1. read two books/novels per month
  2. daily morning devotions
  3. bike more rigorously
  4. bimonthly hikes
  5. bimonthly movie dates
  6. attend professors’ OH weekly
  7. live frugally on a super strict/tight budget
  8. stay updated on current events
  9. volunteer at IRC
  10. work under a professor
  11. part-time job
  12. hu niam hluas every week

I know this winter quarter will be a tough one for me, but after much prayers and thought, I know the challenges brought upon me can only be conquered by walking with Christ. I saw a motivational speech earlier this week, and the speaker spoke of many truths. Until I want something as much as I want to breathe, as much as I want to live, then I won’t be successful. Hurtful, but very true. Problem is, what is success? Especially for me. There are many things I want to accomplish this year (and will need to change my ways in order to achieve them), however I know I cannot do it alone; my will-power alone cannot accomplish anything. I need God to lead me, and I understand that where He leads may not always be calm waters, but it will surely contribute to my spiritual well-being. Lord, as I’ve always asked, please give me faith to trust in You, to focus on You in all that I do, to seek You first and foremost and all will fall together. Many sacrifices will have to be made, but I do pray that I won’t simply view them as sacrifices, for the more I focus on You, so will my desires begin to change. As I read through the following passage about pursuing humility, I pray that I will push myself to my limits from now on and will not be disappointed, but rather rejoice in the Lord for all the capabilities/gifts He has blessed me with.

I leave with a humbling worship song praising God and His greatness then, now, and forevermore (came across during Matt Redman’s worship session during Passion 2012). Humility comes by knowing of something/someone greater than oneself (a greater presence); God Himself is the greatest and above all. May the Holy Spirit teach me humility, for I have every reason to be and to remain humble in the presence of God.


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