recent random happenings (not-so-free time)

Relearning Squall by Fukuyama Masaharu on the guitar. If only I knew how to speak Japanese. Masha is surely a gifted composer and lyricist. He still is handsome for his age.

I asked Matthew to learn, sing, and dedicate this to me, but he refused to learn another language =(

Anyways, Gemma Hayes (Yeah! It’s Gemma Hayes!) will be on the soundtrack of the new movie Janie Jones (Waiting for You). Additionally, Abigail Bresden will be singing songs composed by Gemma herself! Go! and SUPPORT!

I am not to spend any money, but will invest in getting Julian Lennon’s new album Everything Changes and older one Photograph Smile along with a few others.

Music to my ears, a few I came across recently.

Palmy has a new album! She’s so hip.

Siplor (Hugo’s Thai band).

Radiohead is wicked awesome. Matthew needs to learn the bass line to National Anthem.

Small Faces You’ve Really Got a Hold of Me. Their version is so a-mA-Zing. Let Steve Marriott’s voice do justice to this statement.

Came across both Nerina Pallot and Crowded House in one of Julian Lennon’s recent interviews.

Julian Lennon’s new song from his new album (SUPPORT) Lookin’ 4 Love. I hope he finds his compatible angel =)

Jon Foreman and Lydia Cole singing The Cure for the Pain

The Book of Morris Johnson by Zee Avi. I missed her this past Sunday on campus, but I heard this performance below the loft. Free Music!

A talented Hmong duo I came across.

Gah! There are so much good music waiting to be heard. I will end it here for now. To be continued…
Sidenote: Apparently I have the same wordpress layout as the mathematician Terence Tao. I thought Matthew was looking through my blog, only to find out it was actually the admirable professor. I feel so honored.


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