Well I’m gonna find the Truth, even if it kills me…

April shared a song/music video by Sara Groves in Sunday school yesterday, and I’ve been listening to it repeatedly. April mentioned us needing to pay attention to the signs God sends us in order to fulfill His will. I also read an interview Sara Groves had in discussing this particular song “Eyes Wide Open” and she stated the song was influenced by three stories/things. She explains that within our contemporary culture governed largely by technology, we’ve started to worship the things we’ve created and made them our gods instead of God Himself (you can hear that in her lyrics). The Bible verse this song is based on is from Amos 5:24 “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

I finally decided I will be reading Leviticus concurrently with Luke. I made this decision largely because I have such limited knowledge about the Old Testament, especially after the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt. Additionally, Leviticus emphasizes on praise and worship, along with holiness; all things I need to work on in order to be more in-tuned with God.

I streamed the last night of Harvest Crusade yesterday and listened to Greg Laurie’s message. It’s amazing to see how God work through all individuals there, and I’m sure at home too. I will be praying for all those who gave themselves to the Lord.

This summer (2011) is such a special and meaningful summer for me. I did not get the chance to be with my family and friends most of the time, but I was able to spend more time with the Lord. I think this is definitely what God had in mind from the beginning. I was isolated from everyone I knew in order for me to fully come to Him, to see the Light even amongst all the darkness around me. I was contemplating to myself yesterday about how peaceful I feel compared to earlier within the summer. I am at a point in my life where my thirst for God, Christ, and Holy Spirit have grown exponentially. I have so much yearning for the TRUTH, to find the truth; so much desire to be HOLY, because God my Father is Holy.


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