“This is home, your face is home. No taste like home.”
I miss home, end of story.

School has been in session a little over a month, and my brain is finally realizing the need to accept this school agenda. Year two of college is going exceptionally well, minus the last minute assignments due, physics, lab, lab, and lab. I don’t despise lab, just not enjoying the fact that I’m working very hard, almost too hard, for a two unit course with the combo of a decent and not-so-useful, in fact useless, TA (pardon complaints). Although I hardly lift my finger for anthro, I’m very much enjoying it and the issues it brings forth concerning multiculturalism, minus the professor’s ongoing tangents that takes up three fourths of each lecture. Physics and math are becoming too conceptual, so conceptual it hurts, but concepts go a long way. Anyways, I’ll finally be taking a course on my major next quarter. Yay. I’m extremely nervous though, unsure why, but I know there will be a myriad of daily struggles. I can only simply pray, work hard, and be encouraged.

Living on campus has been quite convenient, but most importantly, I adore my apartment mates. They are simply fun, quirky, outgoing, and amazing. Additionally, Matthew has been a very helpful and delightful boyfriend. It’s a blessing to encourage, and be encouraged in return by him.

Matthew being hip.


My copy of Brooke Fraser’s new album Flags came in today. Having already listened to the digital files, I am delighted with it. I somehow was expecting her album to have more of her first single sound, but I was sure wrong, in the right way. I also received BoA’s latest album Hurricane Venus (Copy&Paste edition). Besides being a huge fan of hers, I really do like her comeback album, and that includes every song. She definitely incorporated many of the music styles and influences she’s accumulated over the years. Get your copies now.

Only two more weeks, two more weeks until I return home. I’m uber excited, not only to see my family again, but to meet my newborn nephew. His photos are so adorable, and he’s so huge for a newborn, well normal size I’m assuming, just very huge and ntxim hlub heev. I miss home. Very much. Living on campus apartments is nice, but I don’t know if I can necessarily call this home. Something temporary, but temporary in a memorable way. May the Lord help me to be patient and not too hard headed these last two weeks.

“Home, home, no place like home, home. Your face is home, home. No taste like home, home.”


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