.the summer sun&me.

Adventures to Pismo Beach, gone wrong, then good.

Pismo beach and the hassle of just getting there Tuesday, the 17th, was a fun and memorable adventure. The seven of us cramming into Myrna’s family van along with our two coolers and whatnot, heading southwest started very early in the day, almost too early. The earliness was definitely a good idea, especially with all the obstacles heading our way. When the radio/cd player died out of no where, I’m sure most of us had an odd/bad feeling about the car’s functionality. One and a half or so hours in, stopped by construction on highway 46, Myrna’s decision to turn off the engine reassured everyone. The car simply wouldn’t start, we had it jumped twice, and the second time we were far from even traveling a mile. Advised to call for help, the nearest towing company was notified, and from there on started our long wait in the blazing HOT California sun out in the middle of no where. We knew the wait was going to be long, but who knew it was going to be that long. Imagine, everyone outside the van, waiting on the dirt roadside off highway 46, lots and lots of hills, dead yellow weeds, and SUN, no immediate store or place nearby except for territorial farmers, a colorful beach umbrella set up in the middle of no where, the group either standing or sitting on the cooler and beach seat, trying to stay hydrated with our endless supply of drinks. It was great though. I loved how even though we were all stranded on the highway, our main desire and goal of the day was not figuring how to get ourselves back home, but more so directed towards Pismo beach and how we were to make it there with a broken down van.
The tow truck eventually came. We surprisingly all fit inside the truck, with five of us cramming into the back with no seat belts on, not legal at all. At least that was better than our original plan of having four of us walk over twenty miles to town. The driver was D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S (my mind’s humming BoA’s new song), simple as that. Dropped off at a suggested auto shop, we were technically ripped off to the bone, majorly. However, on the good side, the car with its new alternator was happily fixed a few hours later, we all headed off towards our initial destination, and lived happily ever after, after Applebees.
I’m sure a few of us got tired of one another after being together for over seventeen hours. Grumpiness was inevitable! Nonetheless, it was an exciting adventure, and I was more than blessed to have experienced it with my group of high school friends. Lastly, we met some good Samaritans who were willing to go out of their way just to give a hand to a group of college strangers. May God bless them. I now understand how it feels to be on the other side of the picture.

My overexerting, sunburned, failed-attempt at biking.

I biked with Myrna a little over a week ago, and pretentiously overestimated my biking abilities. From home, to the public library, city college, and finally to Chia’s house, I was already feeling dreadfully exhausted and dehydrated. I don’t know how Myrna can bike everyday in the burning sun, because I for sure cannot and will not survive. Worst off, my stupidity that day was just not wearing off anytime soon. I realized I didn’t even check the weather beforehand. It was already too late. I already exposed myself to the 101 degrees Fahrenheit heat of the beautifully dry Central Valley. How clever of me. What turned out to be initially a biking journey back to high school ended with me calmly resting and rejuvenating my energy at Chia’s place. Her adorable baby was there to keep me company. Anyhow, biking was great, I just wasn’t dressed properly, resulting with me having to bare with a slight sunburn. YAY!


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