.skype date – aug. 19, 2010.

Matthew surprised me with a special Skype date yesterday. Just when I thought we would simply be skyping one another, I find Matthew fully dressed, at least above waist-wise, while I on the other hand was sweaty and clothed in one of my sleeping tees. I had to dress up for the special occasion, and did so with my sister’s help. Maybe the summer won’t permit us to go on dates as we are over 300 miles apart, but that won’t stop us from having a date over Skype. I’m sure that may sound awfully weird and awkward to others, but that’s something we’re used to, especially with a long-distance relationship. I hope people won’t take for granted the close, in-city relationships they have with their special someone. It’s a blessing from God to be able to see that one person on a daily basis, especially when the physical distance is not much of a barrier. Regardless of the distance, it’s still a blessing to be able to talk to and skype with Matthew whenever it’s most convenient or not. I showed him the two CDs my cousin bought for my sister and me.

Off topic, but anyhow, I was totally ecstatic, glad, confused, and sad all at the same time when I picked up the two CDs from the store earlier. These are wonderful contemporary Christian artists composing/making great uplifting music praising the Lord, yet their CDs were all on discounts. Not only these two, but most of the Christian CDs were on major discount, and I mean major, with an emphasis. Matthew said it depended on the seller. The CDs were well worth more than simply $5.00 to $9.00. I was glad to have found them on discount compared to their prices online, however, sad at the same time to see the prices of Christian music on discount when compared to the popular, everyday, contemporary music. I don’t know the reason behind this discount, maybe there’s a lack of interest at that particular store in the Gospel/Christian genre. Nonetheless, I was glad to receive the CDs, especially Hillsong’s Faith+Hope+Love. “I Will Exalt You” my God. And thank you Matthew for the special Skype date.


One thought on “.skype date – aug. 19, 2010.

  1. I have regular skype dates too, he’s working on a cruise and I’m in Paris. You can read about it in my latest blog post. It’s hard but I can’t imagine how people survived long distance relationships before the internet!

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